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It's Just Easier

“There are obvious benefits with Jet Thruster for any type of boat, like reduced maintenance costs, but in heavy cabin cruisers and trawlers tunnel thrusters have been used for years. So it’s only natural for power boaters to want to continue using tunnel thrusters,” Jim continues, “but the choice for a sailor is clear. There is absolutely no reason a sailor should settle for the drag caused by a conventional tunnel thruster, or the complexity and cost of a retractable thruster, when the Jet Thruster System is real and available now. There is no drag, no complicated moving parts, and the weight is comparable to any of the old style thrusters. If you’ve decided you want thrusters on a sail boat, this is the system.”

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Making Docking Easy

Manufactured by Holland Marine Parts in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, Jet Thruster is designed to simplify the docking and manoeuvring of boats large and small, monohull and multihull. The unique Jet Thruster system uses water pressure to create powerful jets that instantly push the yacht where you want it to go.

Bow and Stern Thrusters

The flexible system is simple to install, can be added to the bow and stern, and is suitable for both shallow and deep keeled boats. The composite thru-hull thruster nozzles sit flush with the hull to reduce drag, and there are no moving parts under the waterline for extra safety.

Supply and Fit Solutions

We sell Jet Thrusters to fit a complete stern and bow thruster system to your boat. We also work with trade and commercial organizations. Please fill out our contact form to discuss the best solution for you.

How do yacht thrusters work?

  • Jet thrusters use a high-power electrical turbine centrifugal water pump and works on the principle of low pressure and high flow rate.

  • The pump draws water through a 3" or 4" intake on the bottom of the boat, fitted with an isolation ball valve.

  • This water flow is directed through flexible reinforced rubber hoses by proprietary electro-motive valves.

  • The water flow is directed by proprietary electro-motive valves via flexible reinforced rubber hoses to nozzles below the waterline.

  • The water jet exits the nozzle and pushes the boat in the direction of choice.

  • The size of the outlet nozzles allows placement at the extreme ends of the bow and stern, maximizing efficiency.


Why Choose Jet Thruster?

Simple To Use

Simply push the joystick or button to port or starboard, and the boat will move in that direction. The power is instant, helping to counteract the effect of the wind or tide and pushing your yacht away from the dock or moving it within a tight space with ease.

Quiet and Discrete

The high-quality bronze impeller reduces cavitation, meaning water jet thrusters are extremely quiet; say goodbye to noisy thrusters and enjoy docking with complete discretion. The pump can be located away from the jet location, in the saloon for example rather than under a berth.

Flexible Bow and Stern Thruster Combinations

The Jet Thruster range offers a variety of solutions, including bow, stern and combination thrusters. The pump unit can be positioned anywhere below the waterline. Plus, the two-way pump outlet allows you to have a bow and stern thruster with a single unit.

Good For Shallow Drafts

Unlike traditional thrusters, Jet Thruster nozzles only need to be 2-3 inches below the water to work. So, if you have a shallow draft boat such as a multi-hull, we can fit water jet thrusters in the optimum position, even if it’s right at the back of the stern where the hull is barely in the water.

No Drag

Jet Thruster nozzles fit almost flush with the hull, so the drag is minimal and much less than a standard thruster fitting. This improves your efficiency when motoring and helps you to go faster when sailing.

Simple Installation

Corrosion-free, high-quality composite and stainless steel thru-hull Jet Thrusters are straightforward to fit. We do not need to install a tunnel, like traditional thruster systems, so no fiberglass work is required. We simply cut out a hole in the hull and use a PU-Sealant such as Sikaflex 291i to glue the fittings in place.

Low Maintenance

Jet thrusters are safe and reliable with no moving parts in the water. They also require less maintenance than other thruster systems, and can be serviced while your boat is in the water.

Corrosion-Resistant Parts

Jet Thruster products are made from high-quality Stainless Steel 316, or high-grade composite materials that are certified to meet industrial standards; all through-hull fittings are ISO 9093 and ABYC Certified.

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